Feb 25

Training Plans

by: Jasmin Lepir

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The road to your best performance in running starts with an appropriate plan; followed by appropriate training - training where every run, every workout, every day off has a purpose – followed by appropriate execution on race day.


Many runners find themselves racing haphazardly; racing every weekend, racing a variety of different distances, simply because they do not plan ahead of time. This is a big mistake, especially for runners looking to improve their speed at any specific distance/event. Racing too often, too hard, especially races of different distances without proper planning. can lead towards musculoskeletal injuries, poor performance and in worst case scenarios, burnout, also called Over-training Syndrome.


Runners who follow a premade plan out of a magazine, book or online don't necessarily understand the purpose behind each workout and often find themselves in a situation where they don't know what to do when they have to adjust their plan due to many different reasons (family, work, sickness, or life in general). Premade plans are picture perfect and they do not take in account any little setbacks that may come along the way while training for the race. Premade plans are not individualized and while they may focus on one aspect of running (for example: developing endurance) you may require work on a completely different aspect (for example: developing speed).


On race day, many runners find themselves without any strategy, unsure how to pace themselves, how to fuel, and how to adjust their effort due to weather, race course or quality of their training block. Hiring a coach, someone who can help you with planning your racing schedule, design a training plan specific to your needs, based around your goals and someone who can advise you on race day strategies, can be the best step you can take on the road towards your best performance.

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